How to add quirky touches to your Big Day

quirky wedding themes

So, your wedding plans are well under way, you’ve bought every wedding magazine you can get your hands on and you’ve spent more time creating wedding inspiration boards than is probably healthy. It’s easy sometimes to be so caught up in beautiful images of other people’s weddings that you become just a bit overwhelmed. How do you make such a traditional ceremony truly your own and how do you put your own stamp on your big day?

It’s the personal, quirky little touches that will stick in the minds of your guests and make your day one to remember. While the ceremony has to follow a certain structure, that’s not to say that you can’t make the entire day completely your own. Consider writing your own vows, something that is utterly personal to you. People are often put off by this prospect because they think that there’s a requirement to be romantic to a Disney-film level, but that’s not necessarily the case. As long as the words mean something to you and your partner (and are, of course, wedding appropriate) they will be much more personal than ordinary.

Looking for something to entertain your guests at the reception? If your wedding is a summer affair, maybe consider the hire of a vintage ice cream van to serve iced treats to your guests. It’s a brilliant way to fill the inevitable gap between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast and will entertain your guests while you two pop off for some photos, plus, who doesn’t love ice cream on a summer’s day? Another idea is a photo booth. These can be easily hired, or, if you’re feeling a bit crafty, props and backdrops can be made easily and cheaply especially with a little bit of internet inspiration. It’s a fun and different way to get photos of all of your guests and the photos can even be used as a kind of variation on a guest book or alternatively as favours for your guests.

For décor, for a truly personal touch, do it yourself projects are often the way to go. Don’t be put off though, a lot of elements can be far easier to create than you might think. To inject a bit of colour into your ceremony, perhaps consider giant tissue paper pompoms to hang from the ceiling of your venue. They’re a cheap and super easy way to add a burst of colour, all you’ll need is the paper, some scissors and a bit of string and you can even rope your friends in to help with the making…what else are bridesmaids for? What about some giant light up circus style letters to decorate your evening venue? Again these can be hired, however, if you have a DIY ready friend or relative, some MDF, paint and fairy lights, it’s not impossible to create them yourself. It will be far cheaper than the ones that you can hire and a fun little project in the run up to the wedding.

Wedding breakfasts can sometimes be a little samey. Don’t feel that you have to stick to a typical wedding menu. Most venues will be more than happy to change a menu to your preferences. Have any particular favourites or just want  something a bit different? Think about everyone’s old favourites. Maybe posh fish and chips or some quintessentially British pie and mash. Your guests will probably thank you and it will be a quirky little addition that will stick with them. If a sit down meal isn’t your thing maybe think about something much less informal, a hog roast perhaps or a big outdoor barbecue. It will not only be a little bit different, but it will mean that you and your partner can have more of an opportunity to mingle with guests without being sat on a top table, it also might eliminate the need for a table plan. Anyone that’s had to try and seat feuding relatives at opposite ends of the room all while making sure that all of your bridesmaids can sit with their partners will agree that that an informal seating plan can never be a bad thing!

The main thing to remember is that it is your day. There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, as long as you are utterly happy with it, add in a few little personal touches and who knows, it might be your wedding that a future expectant bride is pinning onto a wedding inspiration board!

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